Now Open for Submissions

D C Press is pleased to announce that we are now open for submissions.

See Below for Guidelines or visit our Guidelines for Submitting to the Press page.

D C Press
Victorian Standards for the Electronic Age

Submission Guidelines:

D C Press is now open for submissions in all genres of fiction, poetry and most genres of non-fiction.

We are a publishing consortium who love reading, writing and sharing great books with others. We are a new publishing house seeking to discover, nurture and promote new authors or established authors interested in expanding their electronic presence. We invite you to embark upon this journey with us.

We are a royalty-paying, non-subsidy digital publishing press. We are not a vanity press or a self-publishing house. Royalties are generally 35-50% on electronic formats. Royalties for illustrated works will be distributed between author and illustrator.

All our books are published in as many electronic formats as possible and are widely available for download from major electronic retailers.

We do not accept submissions by mail. In order to be considered for publication, all submissions must be sent to and be accompanied by a valid return email address. Work submitted without a valid return email address will be immediately deleted and will not be considered for publication.

To submit works to the Press for consideration:

Send all queries to

In your email cover letter, please provide the title and genre of the book in the subject line. The body of your email should include your name, pen name (if applicable), return email address and a query. Query should include a brief synopsis of the book in approximately 300 words or less. Please include approximate word count of submission and a brief author biography.

You may attach the full manuscript in .rtf format only. Please label the file with your manuscript title and author name. On the first page of the manuscript, please include your name and contact information.

In a separate attachment, please include a brief synopsis of no more than 3-5 pages.

We do not require a particular format for electronic submissions, but we do prefer that you use a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial).

Please note that we here at the Press may be new, but we are professionals. Please ensure that the manuscript you submit is your very best performance. Though we are delighted to accept new and untried authors, we do expect that manuscripts submitted to us will contain minimal errors in spelling, tense, point of view, grammar, and etcetera. We are willing to work with authors on their manuscripts if we believe it will be suitable for publication with a bit of polishing.

We are willing to accept simultaneous submissions, but wish to be notified should this be the case.

If you have not received a response from us regarding your submission within 60 days, please feel at liberty to chase up your work.

If your work is accepted for publication by the Press, you will be sent a contract via email, and your manuscript will be placed in the production queue. If at any time you have questions concerning the status of your accepted book, please contact us at Once our staff has completed the edits of your manuscript, you will have the opportunity to review the final document and request any changes. We are happy to work with authors, but we reserve the right to reject those changes, with an explanation, if we believe they will negatively impact the overall quality of the book.

The Press would love to see any cover you wish to provide for your book. Otherwise, we will create one for you. Should you disapprove the cover we provide for you, you may be responsible for providing your own cover art.

At this time, books available from the Press are not published in print. Should a change occur, we will notify Press authors and readers directly.

Please consult the FAQ’s if you are unsure what it means to be digitally published or if you have further questions regarding D C Press. All other inquiries may be made to

Thank you for your interest in D C Press. We look forward to reading your submissions.


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