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The Press is pleased to announce that our current titles will be available for purchase in paperback in January from and select bookstores near you. Look for these exciting titles, also available in Ebook from, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBookstores and other fine online retailers.

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When an acclaimed inventor and his revolutionary new directed energy weapon, the Eye of Ra, are discovered missing, esteemed and erudite adventurer, Astrid Darby, is enlisted to recover them.

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Now rogue from the Ministry of Defence, Agent Asher Key enlists Astrid to help him uncover the dangerous secrets behind Professor Julius Coffin’s private island, the Isle of Jules, and his daughter Julianna’s mysterious illness.

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When the Duke of a neighbouring country orders her assassination, Queen Jila enlists the assistance of Kai Vale, a mercenary whose peculiar abilities come from the mysterious, toxic blue rock, Abyssium.

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When her brother is kidnapped, Cerys Knight travels to Spectra City to find him. What she discovers is a city in the clutches of evil chanters, citizens who possess dangerous and inexplicable powers. To find her brother, Cerys joins CHANT, an organization of vigilante chanters and tangles with Lex and Nico Creed, two handsome brothers whose powers and intentions are as deadly and mysterious as their loyalties. 

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Vengeful vampire Bronwyn Liddle and handsome Secret Service Agent Remy St. John are about to discover they’re working the same case.  Vamps and werewolves are going missing all over the city, only to turn up dead or worse: part of an army of patchwork monsters created by a mad scientist. 




New Pricing!

For a limited time, all our titles, including the Astrid Darby Adventure series and the Bronwyn Liddle Vampire Fables are now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine online retailers for $3.99. Read them now!


FREE Ebook Day is here!

We know we’re a little early, but we got excited! Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra is available for free download from with promotional code NF84J. It is available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99, so we recommend visiting to download for free in multiple formats. We hope you enjoy Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra.

Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra Cover

Death rays, adventurers, mad science, airships, cowboys, disguises, Ministry of Defence agents, terrorists and the destruction of a beloved national landmark!