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Enter to win one of three copies of Tess Mercury and the Crooked Pink, the new Wild West Steampunk Adventure from Eleanor Prophet, author of the Astrid Darby Adventures!

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Tess Mercury Cover

In the years after the American Civil War, the West is wild, and the East is run by the robber barons battling each other for power and money. The range is untamed and blood-soaked, and the cities are dazzling tributes to culture and questionable scientific development. Outlaws roam free on the frontiers, and crooked lawmen and Pinkertons compete with lawless bounty hunters for the prices on their heads.

Tess Mercury and her posse are the best damn bounty hunters in the West.

When Tess and her posse, trick shooter “Bonny” Quimby Burton, mad scientist “Lightning” Hazel Harley and Vaughn, a former slave, are run out of town after brawling with some card players who don’t take kindly to being swindled by Quimby, Tess decides a life of leisure just doesn’t suit them. They go in search of a new bounty to hunt and discover the case of Zeke “Angel” Cooper, a Pinkerton wanted for murder in Boston. The hunt for Angel leads them through the untamed frontier where Indians lie in wait, young men fighting for honor are shot dead in the streets, Che Chucho and his posse of peculiar bounty hunters are hunting them, and savvy, sophisticated Madam Esther Star courts the big bugs from D.C. at her famous brothel, the Governor’s Mansion. When Tess and her posse finally run into Angel, they’re tangled up in an even greater mystery involving faulty death rays, crooked lawmen, missing secretaries, murdered government agents, bribery, corrupt Congressman, clockwork horses, Tess’ long lost husband, and Sterling Rush, the technology robber baron who might just be a more dangerous enemy than any of them have ever encountered.


Tooth, Claw and Venom V-Day Giveaway!

In honor of V-Day, Tooth, Claw and Venom, Brownyn Liddle Vampire Fables Book One by Delia Cortez will be FREE at Smashwords.com on February 13-15.   Read this sizzling fangy thriller now! CAUTION: Contains graphic adult content. Not for children, conservatives, the easily offended or the weak of heart.

Tooth Claw and Venom Cover https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/240480

Centuries ago, Bronwyn Liddle’s best friend, Alys, was murdered by ruthless vampire, Rafe. To take her revenge upon him, she became the very thing she hated. Remy St. John was a member of the Castus Vox, a secret order of white mages responsible for the very fate of the world until a dark artifact granted him deadly, dangerous powers. As punishment for his crime, he was sentenced to ten years as an agent for the Paranormal Sector of the Secret Service. When Bronwyn’s and Remy’s paths cross as they hunt a new and terrible enemy, tempers erupt, secrets are revealed, passions are kindled and their lives are irrevocably changed. A mysterious monster that is part werewolf, part vampire and part demon is attacking people in San Francisco. Werewolves and vampires are disappearing off the streets by the dozens. After the Secret Service’s resident psychic has a vision of Bronwyn murdering a defenseless human, they suspect she is the one behind the attacks. When she’s arrested and her true intentions are revealed, she joins Remy to find and destroy the man responsible for making the patchwork monsters. Their investigation leads them into the darkest reaches of paranormal society, and they discover what humans can do to monsters is far worse than what monsters can do to them.