Drift away with DC Dreams!

We here at the Press are beside ourselves with glee to announce our new imprint for children and teens:

DC Dreams Logo

Look for our first title from DC Dreams: Wandering Star by Stella Drexler

New Coventry, Virginia was a quiet peaceful town until the monsters arrived. Despite all the mysterious deaths that have happened since his family arrived, Aurora is enthralled with the mysterious Jayne family, particularly Sable. Though they are forbidden to be together, Aurora and Sable are in love, but if they don’t stop the monster responsible for the deaths, they could be torn apart forever.



Now Available from the Press: Why Some Animals Shouldn’t Live in the House

The Press is delighted to announce the eBook release the illustrated children’s book Why Some Animals Shouldn’t Live in the House.

Some Animals Cover Page

Penguins in the freezer! Hippos in the bathtub! Salamanders in the bed! Ferrets in the coffee! Whales in the birdbath! Some animals shouldn’t live in the house!

A beautifully illustrated cautionary tale by Christina and Tony Hawkins, illustrated by Barbara Thornton-Haas.

Buy it now for your device! http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/502763 and look for it soon in brilliant full-color print from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers.